Biogents is specialized in research in the field of mosquito control. Biogents mosquito traps are the result of more than 16 years of research on mosquito behavior.

Innovative mosquito traps without insecticide

By studying mosquito behavior and what leads them to feed on blood, Biogents was able to develop appropriate traps. Its technology is based on replicating human odor to attract mosquitoes without any insecticide.  

Biogents’ goal is to protect against mosquitos and other disturbing insects indoors and outdoors so that people can relax without worrying about parasites. 

They offer range of products of different sizes depending on their use and destination. These Biogents traps are designed in an eco-friendly manner and do not to harm beneficial insects. 


Scientific research to serve maximum efficiency

Sweetscent, which mimics human odor. 

The combination of these tools allowed Biogents to created innovative traps that capture over twice as many mosquitoes as other traps on the market. Tested and approved by scientists and consumers, theses traps do not disappoint.